Fine Art Wedding Photography Vancouver

Fine Art Wedding Photography
by bOB

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Vancouver Fine Art Wedding Photography

~ A Fine Art Approach to Wedding Photography ~

Photojournalistic style blended with elements of minimalist design.

My Style and Approach to Crafting Timeless Images

I elevate wedding photography to an art form. Wedding photography is about more than just capturing moments; it's about weaving an intimate narrative that transcends time and connects deeply with your soul. My approach fosters a bespoke, luxury experience that resonates with the essence of fine art.

A wedding is a tapestry of emotions. Like an artisan intricately entwined with their creation, my eyes and lens encapsulate every thread, every delicate nuance, creating a masterpiece that speaks to your heart for generations to come. With a meticulous eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, I inconspicuously blend into the background, employing a photojournalistic style that captures the essence of the day authentically. My unobtrusive presence allows the events to unfold naturally while I document the moments that will become treasured memories.

Before your special day, I immerse myself in understanding your vision, meticulously crafting a shared photography plan that seamlessly merges your desires and my creative vision. Photography should not be an afterthought or the result of a spray and shoot, hoping for good images. I need to know what’s important to you, exactly what you’re looking for, and how my artistry aligns with your dreams.

On the day itself, my comprehensive coverage ensures that no precious moment is left unimmortalized. From heartfelt photojournalistic candids and ceremony shots, to intricately composed portraits with a fine art feel, I curate a gallery of images that not only narrate your story but evoke an aura of refined artistry.

Each photograph becomes an exquisite piece of art, a timeless reflection of your love and celebration, captured in its most radiant form. Finally, as you reminisce about your special day, your meticulously crafted heirloom wedding album will serve as a tangible testament to the luxury and elegance of your celebration, a cherished keepsake to be passed down through generations.

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We had bOB HOmer photograph our wedding this summer in Granville Island. My new hubby and I agree that our favourite part of the day was the photography part. bOB and Jenn were unbelievably enthusiastic, energetic, professional, and understood exactly what we wanted. We had done a walk through of places and scenery we wanted to capture all decked out, and our photos PERFECTLY capture the look we wanted. I know now that your wedding day goes by very fast and photos are the best way to capture the moments... and that was totally done for us! bOB HOmer produced above and beyond what we expected!

Jennifer A

What a great day! We can’t imagine anyone better to capture our memories! You really seemed to get the feeling of fun and playfulness we were looking for! Thank you!
What a great day!


Bob and Jen shot our wedding and gave us everything we were hoping for and more. From the family shots to beautiful portraits of my husband and I to the party on the dance floor at the end of the night. They were full service and got right in, they didn’t stand out they were party of the party just with a camera in hand catching all the fun.

R Kilik

bOB took amazing photos. He was never intrusive in the ceremony even though it was a small venue. We felt very relaxed and it shows in our photos. He even went above and beyond with some surprising custom edits.

Terry Paauw

Terry A

bOB and Jen were extremely professional and personable. They made taking photos on our special day extremely comfortable. They caught all the special moments. I will forever look back at my photo album that they created. Highly recommend them to all our family and friends.

Tarek A

Vancouver Fine Art Wedding Photography