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A little about ME,

bOB HOmer, fine art photographer

bOB Homer Photographer
bOB Homer Photographer

My Story

I started taking pictures and making films at the age of 2, and I have never been without a camera since.

As a lifelong student of the arts, I attended and graduated from the well known art school Sheridan College in 2000. Following my creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit, I opened my own small, independent art gallery in Hamilton, Ontario, in 2002. By the time 2010 rolled around, I had moved across the country and started my own photography studio in Vancouver, BC, where I shot many memorable weddings, engagements, family photos, and real estate properties.

In 2019, I sold my real estate photography business, Capturing Spaces to pursue other creative endeavors. When the pandemic hit every corner of the our lives in 2020, I decided to take a break from offering photography services. Now, three years later, I've jumped back in with a renewed post-pandemic passion and picked up where I left things, refocusing my attention on weddings and headshots, two areas of photography that I have deeply missed over the past few years. My passion lies in capturing images that tell the unique stories of the people and places I photograph.

Why bOB?

Anyone can take pictures.

Anyone can buy fancy gear.

But that fancy expensive gear doesn’t make them a professional photographer or mean they know how to creatively use the equipment. That’s not to say that smartphones don’t have their place and that people can’t take good pictures with them.*

The camera should be more of an extension of the artist than someone using the camera as a tool hoping to capture a good picture.

But when you invest in working with me, you're hiring me as an artist, not just as a photographer.

I have worked in creative mediums from pencil and paper to paint, and from sculpture to film, and you are benefitting from my creative eye, my art school training, and my years of experience as a photographer. I understand the use of shadow, lighting, and composition. My fine art, photojournalistic approach will elevate your entire wedding experience to a high-end affair, even if it's a small elopement. I am unobtrusive throughout the day, letting my creativity shine, weaving an unparalleled finesse into every frame.

You want your day to be a carefully crafted experience. Benefit from my creative eye. Investing in me as your wedding photographer is not just getting you an experienced photographer with professional camera gear, you are commissioning an artist.

*Ask me about our creative use of smartphones during your wedding day.

Other Interesting Facts about bOB HOmer, the Photographer

Fender Guitar

Rock Star

Not really. For a short time in high school, maybe. Now just a cool Fender guitar collector.

IMDB set photography credits

IMDb film credits

I've even worked in film and have 3 set photographer credits to my name.

Jeep Offroad

Jeep geek

When I'm not behind the camera, I'm out getting my Jeep Wrangler, Peej, dirty.

Doctor Who fan

Doctor Who nerd

I even own the Fourth Doctor's scarf and hat.

Meet My Creative Team

bOB HOmer

bOB HOmer

Principle Photographer / Co-Owner
Jennifer Timer

Jennifer Timer

Co-Owner / Operations Manager
Terry Paauw

Terry Paauw

Associate Photographer


Social Media Manager